Teenager with Reading Struggles? 5 Ways Tutoring Can Help A Struggling Teen.

Reading help in middle school and high school:

  • Improves ACT scores from the teens to the 20s
  • Allows students to go to the college they want to attend not the only college that will accept them
  • Allows students to achieve their career goals and dreams
  • Makes reading achievable, more rewarding and it improves spelling and writing skills.

At Aspire, we teach middle and high school students:

  • The science of reading
  • How to crack the reading and spelling code
  • How to break large words apart quickly and efficiently
  • How to more easily write sentences, paragraphs and papers

We start with the basics, just like in sports, and teach students how to do the small things well and use those small building blocks to read and spell large words.  By Book Three of our system, students can spell and read the words anesthetic and kinesthetic with ease. Towards the end of our system, we are incorporating sentence, paragraph and paper-writing into our lessons.

Our highly-trained tutors know how to help older students overcome their academic fears and show them how they can succeed.

If your teen is a slow reader, poor speller, and doesn’t want to write papers or take notes, it’s not too late. Contact us to learn more, or take our dyslexia symptom checklist to determine if your child has undiagnosed dyslexia. It is the leading reason older students struggle with reading, writing and spelling.

Since being put in this program I can tell my reading, pronunciation, and confidence in reading compound words have improved. It’s helped me prepare for reading at the college level, especially for business classes. This program will take time, but if individuals are willing to stick with it, I promise it will pay off in the future.  – Charles, College Sophomore

I am so glad we contacted you even though my son was a junior in high school.  Because of this program, he went from never reading a book in high school to getting a 3.9 in college. 
Sally G., Des Moines Mother

Give us a chance!  Take the leap of faith and see how far your teen can fly!

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Successfully improving student reading, writing and spelling for 5 years.