Teaching Philosophy & Method

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Aspire believes in quality, trained professionals delivering Orton-Gillingham reading programs as designed.

Aspire Academy trains our tutors to the highest standards in the industry. We encourage all tutors to earn their Level 1 Wilson Certification. 120 further training hours are required to achieve Wilson Level 1 Certification, which also involves 60 lesson plans that must be graded and direct observation by the Wilson Language Company. Wilson Certified Executive Director of Aspire, Heidi Kroner, monitors and mentors tutors.

All our tutors have received training from the Wilson Language Company and a certified Wilson practitioner. Our tutors have access to the extensive Wilson Academy website and have access to all Wilson materials online and at home. We invest in our tutors’ training because it directly contributes to the success your child makes.

Aspire also hosts regular tutor-lunch-and-learns on dyslexia, and we have a private Facebook page where we post advice and success tips.

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Scheduling can be quite complex, so we prefer you call our office to schedule tutoring, a free consultation or a dyslexia screen

Successfully improving student reading, writing and spelling for 5 years.