Online Dyslexia Resources

If your child is a slow reader, poor speller or writing is excruciating, check out these online web sites and pod casts.  We have included our favorites!

Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity

Want to know everything about dyslexia? Check out Yale University’s site on dyslexia. This site provides access to thousands of articles, research and advocacy on how to help your child.

Parent Power - Iowa Style

Have you heard about Decoding Dyslexia? Every state has one, and so does Iowa. Decoding Dyslexia Iowa (DDIA) is a non-profit, parent-run, grassroots organization. Check out this great resource!

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How Do They Diagnose Dyslexia?

If you want a diagnosis of dyslexia, that goes beyond a screen, click here to learn what is involved in a full educational evaluation.

Dyslexia can be identified at birth

Research shows the dyslexic brain pattern can be seen as early as birth. Read the latest findings. 

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Dyslexia can affect math

Some dyslexic students have a very hard time learning math facts and remembering the steps to multiplication and long division.

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Why don't US schools teach reading programs that work for students with dyslexia?

Most US schools do not use science-based reading methods to teach children to read. Kids with dyslexia suffer the most. Listen to this American Public Media podcast to learn more!

Hard to Read by Emily Handford, APM

The Reading Wars have been studied, and phonics has proven to be the best method for teaching children to read, not whole word. Why is the educational system entrenched in whole word? Grab your ear buds and listen!

What is Specific Learning Disability (SLD) and Is it Dyslexia?

If your school says your child is going to be evaluated for a Specific Learning Disability…what does that mean? Watch this great video!

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