About Us

Aspire Academy’s mission is to deliver the highest-quality learning experience for children who struggle with reading, writing and spelling whether that be in-person or online. We personalize every lesson to their specific needs with the aim of getting them to grade-level reading as fast as possible. We use diagnostic testing and student learning progress to determine their needs and progression.

We provide parents a fast, efficient way to see if their child is showing the warning signs of dyslexia and if their child would benefit from an Orton-Gillingham reading, writing and spelling program. We screen for the three leading indicators a child will struggle with reading: poor decoding, spelling and phonological processing. If your child shows these warning signs, we can start an Orton-Gillingham program while they are on a waiting list for a full educational evaluation.

Aspire Academy has only one mission and that is to reach those children who struggle with reading and spelling and help them succeed. We take children ages K – College. It is never too late.

Heidi Kroner, Executive Director, Aspire Academy

Learning occurs best when children are engaged socially, emotionally and are not stressed. Learning occurs best when it is customized to the child. That has always been the philosophy of Aspire Academy, founder Heidi Kroner, and every tutor she hires. It continues to be whether learning is delivered online or in-person.

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Successfully improving student reading, writing and spelling for 5 years.