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One effect of COVID schooling, is that K-2 grade students are not learning to read at the normal pace of years past.  Parents are also noticing that their older children are struggling with reading, spelling and writing more than they realized.

Parents are left wondering if the reading, spelling and writing struggles are the effect of distance learning or could it be something more…like dyslexia?

If your child is K-2, and they are not picking up reading as quickly as their peers, or your child is a slow reader, poor speller, doesn’t want to read chapter books or hates to write out sentences and even short answers, take this free online dyslexia test.  Dyslexia is the leading reason kids will struggle to pick up reading as fast as their peers, and it’s because they are not using a key area of the brain that helps them sound out words. 

How the brain reads

What is the value of knowing if it is dyslexia?  Children with dyslexia can become successful readers and spellers, but they need a very specific program that focuses on training the left side of the brain to sound out words.  It is called the Orton-Gillingham method, and it teaches phonics systematically at a child’s pace.  When you know if your child is showing the warning signs of dyslexia, you know how to help them.

Very few schools teach systematic phonics programs like the Orton-Gillingham method.  This leaves many children struggling to read for years, and most never catch up.  Children who have symptoms of dyslexia should receive tutoring in a systematic phonics program taught at a child’s pace.  Check out our online Orton-Gillingham tutoring if your child is struggling with reading, writing or spelling.

All children become better readers if they are taught using systematic phonics.  This is what 60 years of NIH evidence-based research showing.  However, our schools are not keeping up with the science, and they use anitquated theories based on flawed science promoted by text book publishers.  

Take our free online dyslexia screen…if your child shows 10 or more symptoms, dig deeper!  You will be glad you did.

Heidi Kroner, Executive Director, Aspire Academy, Certified Wilson Practitioner

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