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Learning occurs best when children are engaged socially, emotionally and are not stressed. Learning occurs best when it is customized to the child. That has always been the philosophy of Aspire Academy, founder Heidi Kroner, and every tutor she hires. It continues to be whether learning is delivered online or in-person.

Sal Kahn, of Kahn Academy, states “to ensure that kids keep progressing on both academic and social-emotional fronts, it’s critical that educators provide live teacher-led video conference sessions. These need to optimize both academic coverage and social interaction.  A baseline would be two-or-three 30-45 minute sessions on each core academic subject each week.  These sessions need to drive conversations between students and teachers.” 

Sal Kahn, Opinion/ I Started Kahn Academy.  We Can Still Avoid an Education Catastrophe – New York Times, 8/15/2020.

The COVID pandemic is changing education.  Aspire Academy strives to deliver the best, direct instruction whether it occurs online or in-person.

Aspire Academy’s mission is to deliver the highest-quality learning experience for children who struggle with reading, writing and spelling whether that be in-person or online.  Every online session we deliver is one-on-one, direct instruction, delivered live between tutor and student. We personalize every lesson to their specific needs with the aim of getting them to grade-level reading as fast as possible.  We use diagnostic testing and student learning progress to determine their needs and progression.

Aspire Academy has only one mission and that is to reach those who struggle with reading and spelling and help them succeed.

Heidi Kroner, Executive Director, Aspire Academy

Aspire Academy moved to online learning in March 2020 because of the COVID pandemic. Students repeatedly told us that they enjoyed their tutoring sessions better than their online public school learning sessions because they were being directly instructed, and they could continue their personal relationship with their tutor. They looked forward to their sessions because they were able to engage with a teacher who had an invested relationship in their learning, and they could have open and honest discussions about learning and what was happening in their life.

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