At-Home? Audiobooks Improve Reading

Audiobooks are a proven way to boost reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary, and increase the love of literature.

We as adults love audiobooks when driving in our cars, but we are often hesitant to use them for our children. Fear no more, it does not make children lazy, and it is not a crutch.

For children with attention issues, listening to an audiobook will help them hone the skill to focus and listen. Listening to an audiobook is an excellent way to build listening comprehension and vocabulary.

For children who struggle with reading, audiobooks allow them to access books above their reading level. It teaches them advanced vocabulary, and creates the opportunity to access popular books that are beyond their reading level.

For any reader, audibooks improve vocabulary, reading accuracy and strengthen listening comprehension and attention.

Libraries have a vast amount of children’s literature on audiobooks. These include battery operated players and Libby…the new public library app that can be downloaded on your child’s phone or tablet, and with their library, download audiobooks from home!

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