Dyslexia Got You Down?

In our society, the ability to read and spell is associated with intelligence.  But one thing I have learned through my life-long experiences with people affected by dyslexia, is that it has no relationship to intelligence.  Some of the smartest people in Western Society have (had) dyslexia including Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Charles Schwab and Bill Gates.  None of us would say these people lacked intelligence even though they struggled with the ability to read and spell as fluently and accurately as others.

However, dyslexia is a hidden disability, misunderstood by the educational community, and society in general.  It can cause many emotional scars, embarrassment and shame.  Des Moines now is lucky to have a new resource.

Restorative Counseling DSM is operated by Kelly Rennick O’Berry, a licensed independent social worker who has dyslexia and was diagnosed late in life.  Her goal is to provide counseling services that

  • Increase self-confidence and reduce learned-helplessness
  • Use strengths and abilities to achieve goals
  • Help clients understand how learning differences can impact emotional health
  • Reframe and accept past experiences
  • Appreciate and understand unique attributes

She provides parenting skills counseling, IEP / 504 Consultation, services to support and understand depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, and executive functioning.

Aspire Academy is providing one hour of Kelly’s services at no charge for any client who signed a six-month pre-pay contract, and two hours for those who signed a pre-pay 12-month contract.  Aspire will pay for first one-to-two hours, so that you can have a low-risk way to try her services.  Use them for IEP / 504 consultations, parenting skills, or helping to better understand the effect of a hidden disability on your child’s self-esteem.

Give Kelly a call today – 515-729-7370.

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Successfully improving student reading, writing and spelling for 5 years.