Controlled Text for Dyslexic Readers

As a tutor, I aim to please my customers!  And when my dyslexic students and their parents beg me for stories to read, because they so want to utilize their new skills, I have been embarrassed by the lack of controlled text stories that are fun and interesting. Many incorporate too much-uncontrolled text, or they are just plain boring.


With that in mind, I created stories of my own, that my students love. This blog has two, free downloadable PDFs.  Included in this blog is advice on how to use the stories. Pass on the link to parents. Print and share with students. Some of the stories are long, and they are designed that way to build up reading stamina. I have also included a format where, the story is broken into chunks, and students can draw a picture demonstrating comprehension of the text.


The first story revolves around Viv and Val, two girls who get a job pet sitting. The job does not go as planned, and they must call their mom and appease their client.  It is a CVC story, with basic sight words, and very simple blends.


The second story is when Viv an Val have a water fight with friends Nick and Seth on a hot day. The skills practiced are CVC and bonus letters.


Comprehension Questions


Viv an Val Pet Sit:  After the student quiet reads the story and summarizes what he/she read, ask additional comprehension questions such as: Have you ever had a job? Have you ever pet sit? Have you ever had something go wrong with a job? What did you do? Why did Viv and Val call their mom? Why do you think they wanted to quit pet sitting? Did Seth Nash want them to quit? From the ending, can we assume Seth Nash wanted them to keep the job?
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Viv and Val Chill: Discuss the meaning of the word quip.  What does it mean to chill?  Have you ever had a day like Viv and Val had with Nick and Seth?  Who are your friends in your neighborhood?  What do you do when it is super hot?
Download Free PDF

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