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Is your child bright and intelligent, but struggles with reading, writing and spelling?  Do they guess at short words, stumble through long words, and tire easily when reading? Have they had help in school for reading, but still struggle? 80% of students who struggle with reading have undiagnosed dyslexia, and they need a very specific method to master reading. We help students master reading every day, and we don’t give up on them.

We help students from kindergarten through high school. Most students simply need the OrtonGilligham method to learn to master reading and excel at school. We get to the heart of your child’s reading, writing and spelling challenges by pinpointing what is causing their weaknesses, and then we tailor every lesson to their specific needs. That is why we use the Orton-Gillingham method. It’s philosophy is to teach children to be able to break the reading code based upon their skill set, and build from the simple to the complex, at their pace. Every lesson is taught one-on-one with the same tutor every time.

We provide a home-like atmosphere and services where children feel comfortable and excel! Our tutors are mothers and teachers whose specialty is working with children who struggle. All of our tutors are trained in the Wilson Reading System, an Orton-Gillingham method.

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Successfully improving student reading, writing and spelling for 5 years.