Online Parent Resources is a website created by a consortium of non-profits to educate parents on learning differences that can occur in children. It presents a wealth of information in a clear concise way, with lots of videos.

Catch Them Before They Fall

Catch Them Before They Fall is an article by a leading reading researcher – Dr. Joseph Torgesen. This article explains the symptoms of dyslexia and why it causes so many problems for children when they are learning to read. It also challenges schools to better address these needs in the school system.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics fully recognizes dyslexia, and its prevalence. The following article provides a wealth of information.

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How Do Kids Learn To Read?

For years the battle of how kids best learned to read was fought between phonics and whole-word. But scientific research has shown that kids succeed at reading only with systematically taught phonics so that they can crack the code. Whole word programs leave upto 60% of kids not reading at grade-level. Orton-Gillingham programs are systematic phonics at its best!

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