Is it really ADHD?

Inattention in school is not just ADHD When children struggle with learning, and the way information is being presented, they will often get off-task, clown around, withdraw or act out. […]

Providing Notes to Students with Dyslexia

Dyslexia Help

Students with dyslexia find it almost impossible to take notes during a class lecture. Dyslexia is a language-based learning disorder. Dyslexia makes it hard to read, write and spell, and taking […]

Dyslexia and Reversals? Why Do They Occur?

  By Heidi Kroner, Wilson Level I Certified Tutor A common misconception of dyslexia is that people affected by it see things backwards. This is because, as children, they often reverse […]

What Schools Won’t Tell You…

Our brains organize in the womb, and studies show our brains will organize differently based upon genetics. Studies show that the left-side of the brain is more efficient at the […]

Controlled Text for Dyslexic Readers

As a tutor, I aim to please my customers!  And when my dyslexic students and their parents beg me for stories to read, because they so want to utilize their […]