Aspire’s Approach

Aspire’s Approach:

We provide one-on-one, direct instruction between tutor and student at Aspire Academy. We do not use iPads or computer programs to instruct children during any part of the lesson. Children are placed with the same tutor each time which fosters trust. Students are directly instructed on letter-sound knowledge, and how to use that knowledge to sound out and spell words. Children practice these skills till fluency and automaticity are achieved. Children are taught at their pace and each lesson is customized to them.

We use the Wilson Reading System

The Wilson Reading System is a 12-book system, based on the Orton-Gillingham method. Many of our students graduate from the program. Click here to see the results students make on the standard bell curve during their time at Aspire Academy.

Although the Wilson System was created in the 1980s, updates are made regularly. It is currently in its fourth edition. All techniques used in the system are supported by 60 years of reading, writing, and spelling research summarized in the book: Structured Literacy Interventions by Louise Spear-Swerling. The system’s methods are also supported by the research detailed in the book, How the Brain Learns to Read by Stanislaw DeHaene.


Research shows spelling and reading are interconnected.

Better spellers are more fluent and accomplished readers. In the Wilson system, every concept taught for reading is also taught for spelling. Both reading and spelling are practiced for an equal amount of time using multi-sensory techniques. Handwriting (either print or cursive) is practiced during the spelling portion of the lesson.

Accurate and fluid letter recognition and letter sound identification is supported by properly constructed letters

Associating the letter sounds when writing the letters is also extremely important for spelling fluency and improves reading. Although many students at Aspire Academy have dysgraphia (trouble with writing), we work with students on proper letter formation in every lesson, and handwriting improves over time.

At Aspire, everything we do is based on solid, proven research, and research also supports that children who are relaxed, comfortable and engaged in the learning experience retain what they are taught longer. We include pet therapy and gross motor games in our lessons. When student’s complete tasks that are challenging for them, they are rewarded. These rewards can take the form of playing games while reading sentences, reading a story while sitting next to a dog, writing their spelling words in chalk on the sidewalk, or enjoying a snack and hot cocoa. We measure student success and progress with every lesson, every six months, and every year.

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