3 Ways to Make Reading Gains This Summer

Summer is a great time for struggling readers to make huge gains in reading. Consider investing in one-on-one individual instruction with tutors trained in the science of reading.
Here are the main reasons children can make gains in the summer for quality instruction:

  1. They are not tired from a long day at school, so their brain is fresh
  2. They can increase their instruction time and gain an additional 1.5 – 3 months of reading and still enjoy camps, the outdoors and free time.

Here are the numbers:

Two, one-hour sessions per week
10 weeks of reading instruction for the summer (one week off for vacation)
20 hours of reading instruction

Three, one hour sessions per week
30 hours of reading instruction
Additional 10 hours of reading instruction
That’s 1.5 months
more instruction than at 2 times per week

Three 90 minute sessions per week
4.5 hours of tutoring per week
45 hours of reading instruction for the summer
Additional 25 hours of reading instruction
That’s 3.25 months of additional reading instruction, and it could equal from 1-3 Wilson books depending on your child’s severity of reading struggles.

At Aspire Academy, every lesson teaches the five building blocks of reading:
1) Letter-Sound Awareness
2) Decoding
3) Spelling
4) Vocabulary
5) Reading Comprehension

in a systematic, cumulative manner, one-on-one with the same tutor every time. No iPads, no groups.

All concepts are taught directly in a one-on-one setting, to mastery, and the concepts build upon each other. Each concept taught for reading is also taught for spelling. Students learn the logic of the English language, and it provides detailed strategies on how to decode and spell words. Students start simple, but by book three, they can read and spell anesthetic and calisthenic.

In addition, Aspire is adding four Friday Fun Literacy Days this summer. For the Friday Fun Literacy Days we will group students by age, interests and reading level. We will teach as a group for these days, and they still cover all 10 parts of a Wilson Program, but the students will get to do it outdoors with other kids they can make friends with. These days will be included in their weekly routine at no extra charge, with parent permission.

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